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A.M. Logging, LLC


A.M. Logging, LLC is a fully mechanized timber harvesting operation that strives to operate in an efficient and timely manner to professionally harvest and or manage your timberland while maximizing your profits and creating healthy forests for future generations to enjoy.


At A.M. Logging we realize that the forest provides our jobs. Hence, we need to take care of the forest and manage it wisely for our current needs as well as the needs of future generations.

In keeping with this philosophy, A.M. Logging staffs degreed foresters.

A.M. Logging provides a variety of forest management services depending on the needs and goals of the individual landowner. Whether you own 10 or 10,000 acres, A.M. Logging is your answer to forest management. A.M. Logging has a reliable staff that provides sound advice for your woodland.

Our diverse staff is trained in silviculture prescriptions, (Silverculture is the art and science of controlling the establishment, growth, composition, health and quality of forest and woodland to meet the diverse needs and value the landowners and society on a sustainable basis.) timber marking, property line identification, forest road building, erosion control methods, wildlife identification and management, lumber and logging markets, and other various forestry services.

The first step in the forest management process is to gather forest inventory data. This information is analyzed based on the landowners objectives and a plan is developed to specifically detail the needed activities.

Whether you are an investor, hunting enthusiast, new forest owner, or anything in between, our experience in hardwood forest management is unequaled in our operating area. Please let us work with you to reach your financial and forest related goals. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.



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forest management, timber products, land clearing and logging in pa and surrounding states.