A.M. Logging, LLC


Based on the silviculture prescription, we do all types of harvesting from timber stand improvement (TSI), thinning to shelter wood, and clear cutting. When it comes to timberland, we can do just about anything you want from making food plot openings to thinning. We recently have done gypsy moth and hemlock Wooly Adelgid salvage harvesting with private landowners and state agencies. This has allowed them to gain value from the timber before it is lost.

A.M. Logging is a mechanized whole tree chip operation. We specialize in harvesting with our TimberPro  feller/buncher. We look to improve timber stands while doing minimal damage to residual trees. The feller/buncher along with grapple skidders will help in exposing bare mineral soils, which are needed for regeneration to thrive. In addition to selling logs in a variety of markets, we produce “clean” wood chips, which are sold to paper mills and particleboard plants. Our methods and markets allow us to, with minimal environmental impact, sell all the forest products from your lands. The benefit to you is faster timberland recovery and maximum income per acre.

A.M. Logging strives to create healthier forests for the future generations to enjoy. We work closely with the DCNR Bureau of Forestry, the Pennsylvania Game Commission and The Nature Conservancy to improve their timber stands and would like to do the same for you.

A meeting to further discuss goals for your property’s timberland would be the first step. You may contact us at (814) 349-8089.


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